Wondering how it all works? We’ve got the answers.

When should I hire a Virtual Assistant?
Any time you need an extra hand or want to outsource an aspect of your business activity. One of the biggest advantages of a virtual assistant is that we are ready when you are!

Call on Virtually Essential when:

  • You are spending too much time working in your business to concentrate on growing it.
  • You need extra help but don’t have the budget to hire full-time or contract staff.
  • You need to call on flexible support services for projects or during peak times.
  • You are travelling a lot and need someone you can rely on to take care of day-to-day business or change that flight at the last minute!
  • You have great staff but they are overworked and you don't have the budget for more employees to relieve the strain.

We will get to know you and your business and work with you just the same way a traditional office-based Personal or Executive Assistant would. We will provide you with consistency of service for regular tasks (but without the overheads) or whenever you need a hand with extra projects and activities.

What are the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant?
Flexibility! We are there when you have peaks in your business cycle. And when things are a little quiet, so are we.
When you work with Virtually Essential, you will always consult directly with the person doing the work for you. No more temporary staff that can be different every time you call. Because we focus on forming a trusting working relationship, you can be confident you will always receive consistent, high quality services.

Work with Virtually Essential and you will:

  • Reduce stress and increase productivity.
  • Grow your business by being able to focus on your own goals and customers.
  • Obtain work-life balance.
  • Save money by using a flexible service – you only pay for what you need and avoid extra costs of employees and expensive contractors.

How will Virtually Essential work with me?
We focus on making things as easy and seamless as possible. Tell us how you like to communicate and we’ll work to suit you: over phone, Skype, DropBox, email and even face to face.

Depending on the task, a 30-minute phone call or email from you is all we need to get started. We’ll provide you with an estimate according to the task.

Many small tasks can be completed on the same day, while others will require an ongoing relationship (e.g. newsletter/event coordination).

How much does it cost?
Our services are extremely cost-effective compared the costs of contractors or permanent employees. Pay an hourly rate for only what you use or we can package the entire service to help you with your monthly budgets. We are flexible.

How do I know what work has been completed for the hours charged?
We’ll always  keep you informed of how we’re tracking, so you are never surprised when you receive your invoice. Every invoice is accompanied by a detailed timesheet outlining time spent on each task. We are transparent and value an open and trusting relationship with every client.

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